Ola Källenius wants to continue investing in Ionity.

IAA 2021

The Mercedes boss is not dissatisfied with Ionity, but impatient. Ola Källenius therefore announced further investments at the IAA in Munich. Goal: an Ionity version 2.0.

Not all seven members of the Ionity consortium are completely happy with the performance of the charging network. The most prominent critic is VW boss Herbert Diess, who "inspired" by his trip to Italy with an ID.3 on Linkedin not only complained about defective charging stations and a less convenient charging experience, but also about too few charging options: "Too few Charging points on the burner! Only 4 - sure, everyone stops at the shopping center. Occupied. So we drove on to Trento. Even after last year's criticism: no toilet, no coffee, one pillar out of order/defective, a sad affair. This is anything but a premium charging experience, IONITY!”.

Ionity has achieved the first goal

The fact that Mercedes boss Ola Källenius is much better at talking about Ionity is shown at a round table discussion at the IAA in Munich: "We are founding members of Ionity and I have to Congratulations to the team: Ionity has achieved the goal it set at the beginning. And that was to set up a European fast-charging network along the motorways. I charge regularly with Ionity, it works excellently. And with our latest vehicles such as the EQS or the EQE with the plug-and -Charge functionality even a five-year-old child or a Daimler board member can charge easily and quickly!”

Ionity version 2.0

If Ola Källenius has his way, it shouldn't stop there. The Swede, who has been charging at a wall box at home for seven years and has long since gotten used to the comfort of "living in a gas station" , as Mercedes boss is even willing to invest further in the expansion of the charging infrastructure: "Of course we will strive for a version 2.0. I can't speak for Ionity, but let me put it this way: Mercedes will continue to expand

Germany network decided: 1000 state superchargers

So everything is good in terms of charging infrastructure? "I'm impatient. And I believe that we as a manufacturer have reached a point with our product offensive where we are faster than the expansion of the charging infrastructure. And not just in Europe, but worldwide!” That's why, according to Källenius, the group is working worldwide to push ahead with the expansion of the charging infrastructure, including at the political level. "We have always said that we will take care of the products. And we have done that. But if our common goal is to build a CO2-free world, when it comes to charging infrastructure, words must now be followed by deeds! Here Politics and industry have to work hand in hand. But as a technology optimist, I absolutely believe that this can work!"


While the VW Group invests in its own premium charging locations with Audi and Porsche, Ola Källenius continues to focus on the Ionity consortium. Still. The level-headed Swede knows very well that the success of electric mobility also depends on the expansion of the charging infrastructure. And that's why he's satisfied so far with what Ionity has built. However, the commitment also contains the clear request that Ionity must develop quickly. The good news: Mercedes is willing to spend money on this.


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