Novus e-bike: 30 kW for over 35,000 euros

The Novus One is a handcrafted full-carbon motorcycle with impressive key data and a proud price announcement. The e-motorcycle is now ready for series production and can be pre-ordered. Deliveries are scheduled to start in October 2022.

The Novus One celebrated its premiere as a prototype at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Now it is also known to the German TV audience: On Monday (September 20, 2021) it appeared on the investor show “Die Höhle der Löwen” during prime time. The Novus e-bike was developed by Marcus Weidig and René Renger together with their team in Braunschweig. It combines a purely electric drive with a futuristic design.

The rear wheel hub electric motor is said to have a peak output of 30 kW (equivalent to almost 41 hp in conventional currency) and up to 200 Nm of torque. This means that a top speed of up to 130 km/h and a sprint time of two seconds to 50 km/h are possible. The range in city traffic is said to be 130 kilometers, after which the 4.8 kWh, permanently installed lithium-ion battery has to be connected to the grid again. An 80 percent charge should be possible in 30 minutes. The drive can also be throttled to eleven kW at the push of a button to fit into the light motorcycle class. The top speed then drops to 110 km/h. A power level with only seven kW and a Vmax of only 90 km/h is also available.

Weighs only 80 kilograms

But the Novus e-bike is very compact and light for a motorcycle. The length is 1.84 meters, the width is 76 centimeters and the height is 94 centimeters. Including the battery, the total weight should be a slim 80 kilograms. The payload of the single-seater is specified as 120 kilograms.,

The many carbon fiber components - frame, swingarm, 18-inch wheels, telescopic fork - make up a large part of the flyweight. Almost all assemblies are formed from the ultra-light material. The spring element of the fork sits directly in the steering column tube, just like on a mountain bike. The spring travel at the front is 100 millimeters. The fully adjustable central spring strut on the carbon rear wheel swing arm relies on a deflection and 120 millimeters of spring travel. The carbon fiber monocoque frame, which weighs just under seven kilograms, is both the supporting skeleton and the outer skin that gives the car its shape. It completely dispenses with additional panels, but invisibly integrates all the technology and the battery, which weighs almost 20 kilograms.

Fully digitized

It offers a keyless driver authorization system, three performance modes - Base, Super, God - as well as the obligatory app connection, with which all data, settings and statistics can be monitored. The navigation is also integrated here. The smartphone can also be adapted to the cockpit. The LED headlights and the LED central display, which is located in the handlebars, are also integrated.The entire operating system can be updated over-the-air.,

A monoblock brake caliper grips a 230 millimeter brake disc on the front wheel. At the rear wheel, the electric motor can actively and passively recuperate. Actively, in that the motor is deliberately brought to electrical deceleration via the left brake lever. Passively, by using the app to define different modes in which the motorcycle permanently brakes electrically when no gas signal is processed, thus also recovering energy.

Price from 35,581 euros

The Novus can now be reserved in five colors in a Founders Edition limited to 500 units without a deposit. If it then really comes to the purchase, 35,581 euros are due. The handcrafted Novus bikes are then to be delivered from October 2022. If the schedule can be met without additional money: Marcus Weidig and René Renger did not get an investor deal in "The Lion's Den".


In the Novus e-bike, up to 30 kW of power meets a weight of only 80 kilograms - that promises a lot of driving dynamics. However, the range of only 130 kilometers – and that only in urban areas – severely limits the use of the Novus. Another very limiting factor is the price of over 35,000 euros.


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