New Nokian tire test center in Spain

New Nokian tire test center
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D he 300 hectare site enables summer, winter and all-season tires to be tested all year round. The focus is also on developing the safety properties of tires. The total investment is estimated at 60 million euros. Construction work is currently in full swing and on schedule.

300 km /h and German steep curve

The over seven kilometer long and oval route has an extremely steep curve that is Specialist team from Germany was designed. It allows speeds of over 300 km /h.

In total, the new site offers ten test routes with different radii. These include, among other things, a comfort route and wet-handling circular path as well as a wet course and off-road paths. A training center in tire form is also planned. In cooperation with local universities, the company is also researching the guayule plant, which can be a possible raw material for tire manufacture and could replace natural rubber. Local farmers work the plantation.

The new test site is Nokian Tires' third after the 700 hectare test center in Ivalo, Finland and another location near the headquarters in Nokia.


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