New Google service: Buy and sell cars

Internet giant Google enters the car trade. The tech firm has launched a service for buying new and used cars.

For most private customers, buying a car starts on the internet. There, dealers and individuals present a large number of new and used cars via platforms such as or autoscout24, which can then be filtered according to different criteria. A petrol SUV with a maximum mileage of 150,000 kilometers, less than ten years old, in blue or silver, with heated seats and a hands-free system? No problem - the search can be set up in a fairly detailed manner.

Search by keyword

It shouldn't really surprise us that internet giant Google wants to get involved in this game. After all, "searching for things on the Internet" is a core competence of the US group in the popular perception, which is now even manifested in the newly created verb "google". A function has now been released in the USA that allows interested parties to find relevant advertisements directly via the Google search with keywords such as "sedan" and "2018". Clicking on these search results leads to the vehicle detail page of the provider, where you can contact them directly.,

However, if you want to benefit from this as a vehicle provider, you have to become active yourself and register. Google then provides an interface through which a specified data set must be transmitted for each vehicle. This includes the year of manufacture, model designation, mileage and segment. Currently, the service is only offered in the United States, only to commercial dealers, and only to used cars and pickup trucks. Commercial vehicles, mobile homes, boats, motorcycles and the like are currently not included. However, an expansion to markets outside the USA is planned. Incidentally, the service is not free for retailers. The prices vary on the basis of different parameters, as is also the case with other product advertisements that are issued as separate offers by the search engine. Click rates or the size of the competitive environment play a role here.

If you don't want to wait until the car purchase search function is also available in Germany, you will find IN THIS ARTICLE immediately available leasing bargains without waiting. You can find out how the used car market in Germany is currently developing in the photo show at the top of the article.,


Google indirectly enters the used car business. In the future, retailers are to feed their offers into a data interface of the Internet giant, so that they can then be displayed directly as an advertisement when there are corresponding search queries. So far, the service is only active in the USA, but there are plans to expand it to other markets.


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