New crash test dummy for automated cars

Crash test dummy from Toyota
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J Every driver training course begins with instruction on the correct seating position. In addition to a better overview and quick responsiveness in dangerous situations, it is above all the coordination of the passive safety systems, such as belts and airbags, that make the correct position of the driver and passengers essential.

Different seating positions in the self-driving car

The increasing automation of driving functions will ensure that people in the car adopt different postures. Whether the motorway assistant is working on the steering wheel, accelerator or accelerator in the morning commuter traffic. The accelerator takes over or a fully autonomous car transports people: You will no longer just look straight ahead and have your hands on the steering wheel.

This development also occupies the engineers and developers who are responsible for occupant safety. The Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has now modified its THUMS (Total Human Model For Safety) accordingly.

In the future, new software will simulate human organs and muscle cords in the artificial bodies. Because here, too, the technical development brings a changed behavior and the associated risk of injury.

A distracted person has a relaxed body

A concentrated driver has his muscles in the brakes Leg tense to apply maximum pressure to the pedal. But if he is distracted and the delay is initiated by the computer in the car without human intervention, muscles and tendons in the human body are surprised and can be injured.

In addition, there is the danger of improperly seated seat belts or new ones Calculating the airbag deployment path when people sit closer to each other in the automated vehicle, for example, to talk.

These new factors and their effects on the human body in the event of severe deceleration or a collision are the aim of the new crash test - Take into account the Toyota dummy and analyze it in the laboratory tests. The puppets should not only be used for your own experiments. They are also offered for sale to other automakers through two Japanese partner companies.


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