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New charging standard: CCS adapter for Tesla Model S and X

Conversion to the new charging standard
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T esla has done pioneering work for electromobility in Germany and Europe with its network of fast charging stations on large traffic arteries, the so-called superchargers. But this approach also posed problems. Because so far only Tesla vehicles can be charged on the superchargers. And the European automotive industry has agreed on the alternative fast charging standard CCS for its models, which was incompatible with the Tesla charging stations.

CCS Combo 2 adapter for Model S and X

buyers of the Model 3 could be relaxed from the start: Its European versions have both connections and can therefore be refueled with electricity on both superchargers and other providers' CCS charging stations. Tesla's own charging stations were also retrofitted and received a second cable for charging according to the CCS standard, which previously could only be used with the Model 3. It was different with the older models S and X: They were only provided with the traditional Supercharger connections.

But now Tesla a CCS adapter for the Model S and X on. It is supplied directly with newly built cars; for all others it can be bought for 170 euros. As the electric car manufacturer announces on its website, 'Owners of a Model S or Model X with a 'CCS Combo 2' adapter can also charge their vehicle at charging stations from other network providers '. Cars that have been produced since May 1, 2019 already have adapted on-board electronics. Previously manufactured vehicles first have to be converted in the Tesla Service Center. This is possible from June and costs 500 euros; however, the adapter is already included in this price.

Self-diagnosis and independent ordering of spare parts

Simultaneously upgraded Tesla continues its own supercharger network. Not only in terms of number: the fast charging stations can be found at more and more hotels, shopping centers and restaurants. The conversion from the current V2 stations, which can previously charge with up to 120 kilowatts, to 150 kilowatts for the Tesla models with large batteries is also making progress. In addition, the expansion of the peak charging capacities between 200 and 250 kW has now startedV3 supercharger. It started in the USA in April, and the pillars are to be erected in other parts of the world later this year.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that Tesla has added numerous new functions to the software of its models in recent days has provided. Their central features: software updates should be even faster and easier to install in the future. And the cars self-diagnose certain components when they are broken - and independently order the necessary spare parts, which are then sent to the Tesla driver's preferred workshop. 'It's like going straight to the pharmacy, not the doctor,' Tesla wrote in a tweet in which the automaker confirmed the new function.


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