Mobileye drives autonomously in New York City

Mobileye has received regulatory approval to test drive autonomous cars in New York City. The road traffic there is considered to be particularly demanding.

The company Mobileye, which employs former Apple and Volkswagen manager Johann Jungwirth, has received approval from the US state of New York to test self-driving cars on public roads.

In the metropolis of New York City, the autonomous vehicles are to be sent on test drives. Traffic in big cities with many cyclists, pedestrians and second-row parkers is considered to be particularly demanding for cameras, sensors and software. There are also many temporary construction sites that have to be shown on high-resolution maps. The map technology must also correctly record roads that are sometimes double-decker.

When it comes to mapping, Mobileye relies on crowdsourcing. Information about road closures and construction sites also comes from other cars that are already on the road. Mobileye can therefore save itself a large fleet of its own cars, which are constantly on the road for this purpose.


In the future, Mobileye will also test autonomously driving cars in the hectic traffic of New York City. The experience gained here will support the development of the robot cars.


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