Mobile refueling from Yoshi: GM invests in start-up

General Motors invests in tank start-up
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Almost every automobile manufacturer is talking about transforming itself into a mobility service provider. General Motors is also pursuing this plan. Before connected transportation systems with self-driving electric cars become a reality, GM is getting on with customer service in a fairly timely manner. Together with the oil company ExxonMobil, General Motors is investing in the start-up Yoshi, founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Bryan Frist, Dan Hunter and Nick Alexander.

Yoshi offers on-demand vehicle maintenance measures, from refueling on site to Interior and exterior cleaning. Such an on-site service is particularly interesting for fleet operators, for example large companies or municipalities. Instead of parking one or more employees to drive the cars to the gas station one after the other and to give them a testimony and wash them after the fuel is filled, the Yoshi truck simply drives into the yard.

Refueling, vacuuming, tire check

Here, not only is the gasoline pump installed on the loading area of ​​the pick-up refueling, the Yoshi employee can also check the air pressure of the tires on request and fill them up if necessary and replace worn windscreen wiper blades.

According to Yoshi, gasoline prices should move at a similar level to those at the gas station. A flat rate of seven US dollars is due for delivery, but frequent drivers can also book a monthly package with a delivery fee of 20 US dollars. This then includes one delivery per week, only the actual gasoline price then has to be paid.

With a customer loyalty program, Yoshi can also collect points. Depending on your points account, you can even get a free tank of fuel.

New sales channel for mineral oil companies

Bentley also offers an on-site fuel service for its customers. With Yoshi and other providers offering comparable services, the car whisperer in the USA is now also reaching less well-off customers. They will love the service, as driving to the gas station, getting out at the pump and paying is one of the most annoying tasks for drivers, according to Yoshi.

But that is exactly what the company has to say. By investing in Yoshi, ExxonMobil is opening up a new sales channel for its fuels and refillable oil. Thanks to the investment by General Motors, the Yoshi vehicle fleet will soon be composed primarily of models from this manufacturer.


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