Mini Toyota Mirai: Hydrogen Powered RC Car

This radio-controlled Toyota Mirai drives with a real hydrogen engine. British inventors have rebuilt the toy car.

The Toyota Mirai is now in the Guinness Book of Records: one example of the fuel cell sedan recently covered 1,360 kilometers without even refueling with hydrogen once - a world record! The Mirai presented here doesn't come that far - and still embodies an impressive piece of technology. Because it is a remote-controlled car on a scale of 1:10, which - like the original - drives with a real fuel cell drive.

The inventors at Bramble Energy are responsible for the high-tech toy. The British snapped up a classic Tamiya RC car, namely the TT-02 RC kit with all-wheel drive. However, large parts of the drive flew out. Instead of a battery, the electric motor now draws its energy from a miniature version of the fuel cell in printed circuit board design, which Bramble calls "Printed Circuit Board Fuel Cell" (PCBFC).

20 watts instead of 134 kilowatts

The motor has an output of 20 watts and the energy should be enough for about 14 kilometers, which should be about twice as much as with the original Tamiya kit. The control system and the two small, interchangeable 12-millilitre tanks that look like AA batteries and in which the hydrogen is stored were also custom-made.

The same applies to the body, which was created by Tamiya in a specially made mold. There is no difference in color to the original: the RC car is dipped in the same "scarlet red" paint finish as the real Toyota Mirai. Incidentally, Bramble Energy and the British Toyota branch staged the small hydrogen runabout in a miniature village in the county of Gloucestershire.

The data of the original Mirai

Incidentally, the full-size Toyota Mirai has an output of 134 kW/182 hp and delivers a maximum torque of 300 Newton meters. It accelerates from 0 to 100 in 9.2 seconds and has a top speed of 175 km/h. According to the WLTP standard, the 4.98 meter long and 1.9 ton fuel cell sedan can travel up to 650 kilometers with a hydrogen tank filling. Base price in Germany? 63,900 euros.


It is possible that the Toyota Mirai will make it back into the Guinness Book of Records after a very short time - this time as the smallest hydrogen car in the world. In any case, the cooperation partners in this project claim that they do not know of any other hydrogen-powered RC car on the British Isles. Which of course does not mean that there is none in the rest of the world. Dear Guinness Committee, That's worth investigating, isn't it?


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