MG 5: Electric station wagon from China planned

MG brings electric compact combi
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D he Chinese group SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation), under other joint venture partner of Volkswagen, is also active in the European market. The Maxus EV80 electric panel van hit German roads in very small numbers.

SAIC has been represented in Great Britain with the MG brand for several years. The traditional British label (Morris Garage) has belonged to the Chinese since the takeover of the former MG Rover group. Initially, the vehicles were assembled at MG Rover's former headquarters near Birmingham, but the cars are now imported from China.

Roewe for China, MG for Europe

With the compact SUV MG ZS Electric is a first electric car in the brand's range. A station wagon with electric drive is to follow. The basis for the MG 5 is the Roewe Ei5 available in China. The Roewe brand was created as the successor to Rover for SAIC's home market.

Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales and Marketing at MG, confirmed this to Autocar magazine: 'We are pleased that this is unique in the market environment It will be interesting to see how we get it with fleet and corporate customers. '

There is currently no electric station wagon from other automakers. The 4.54 meter long Roewe Ei5 has a maximum 116 HP electric motor on the Chinese market, the capacity of the battery is 52.5 kWh. The range should be around 420 kilometers and the top speed 150 km /h.

MG ZS also in Austria

With electric cars, MG's long-announced expansion into other European markets could also be start. The retail group Emil Frey is already offering the MG ZS Electric in Austria at prices from 32,000 euros. A website for Germany is already activated, but not yet populated with information.


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