Mercedes Vision EQXX: This is how the cW miracle drives

He should get far, use electricity sparingly. Just to show what is currently feasible. We were allowed to control the cW miracle. A little bit.

The air above the Immendingen test site is clear and cool. It is to take place here, in the deep south of the republic, the first test drive with the miracle Benz. The Mercedes people drove more than 1,000 kilometers to Nice with one battery charge (sniff...), the Mercedes Vision EQXX even managed 1,200 kilometers to Silverstone, whereby it was so economical that the men had to make a loop towards Birmingham.

And now it's my turn. "You are the first non-Mercedes employee who is allowed to drive the car!", a nice voice, for which I have no eyes now, motivates me. A dream of a car crouches in front of me, the Vision EQXX. Enthralling, this beautiful dome, the roof line that gently disappears to the rear, the seamlessly fitted windows, the sensational rear with its bold spoiler lip and the sports car-like front. Gosh, I think that needs to be built. If only because he looks so extraordinarily good. "We only have one, so be careful," says the still very nice voice. My co-pilot is also the test driver, he knows the aerodynamic miracle like no other. Would it be bad for him to let me take the wheel? He bubbles all sorts of technical features into the cockpit, which doesn't look as super narrow as a cW miracle would actually lead to expect.

It starts on D, the super glider accelerates confidently and smoothly towards the gate. You can even see the rest of the world quite well, a Lambo looks more ragged. We turn onto the test track. We wind our way through tight turns and roundabouts to the lowest point. Recuperation can be set over a wide range. From one-pedal riding to effortless rolling, the EQXX does whatever you want it to do. Speaking of wheels: the noises of the tires are clearly transmitted into the interior. "Of course, our tires have been optimized in terms of rolling resistance. We also drive at 3.5 bar." What are you doing to save energy? A significant pressure on the accelerator pedal lets the 1.75-ton truck snap forward. The lady changes her tone of voice: "You're driving too fast!" she nags over the radio. discipline please Although I'm just going to... "Too fast!", okay, okay. It becomes clearer at the other end of the radio link, with only four cars encountering us on the 16-kilometer short test drive.

Sensational efficiency


My co-pilot is bubbling up again. All sorts of information appears on the huge screen, such as the current efficiency of the powertrain or the drag coefficient. The air resistance changes depending on how the blinds are used at the front and the position of the extendable diffuser at the rear. A slight rattle irritates me."That's the brake that builds up pressure again. You braked mechanically." Oh yes I have. Completely inefficient. But I wanted to see if the vehicle came to a stop. So I converted a few watts into heat instead of charging it into the battery. The air conditioning runs with it. Supposedly only needs 600 watts, with the 960 volt battery carrying passive air cooling with a honeycomb cooling plate under the car.

Finally a long straight and no limit. The 180 kW power pushes the test car vehemently forward, but at a good 140 things it quickly ends again. wind noise? Almost inaudible. I roll without recuperation. Amazing: The Mercedes is felt to be faster rather than slower. Is it easy going downhill? In any case, air and rolling resistance cannot be any lower. At the front, the Benz also measures the exact air pressure in real time at three points and can thus control its aerodynamic aids accordingly. Crazy? No, efficiently.

We're already turning back towards the press tent. A pity. I could have gone about 1210 kilometers further. And I'm thinking about writing a letter to the CEO right away or tomorrow morning. The car needs to be built. If only to show the world what good old Germany can still do: build damn good, sustainable cars. And now even make the wind a friend.


The Mercedes Vision EQXX drives almost normally, extremely efficiently, sets new standards and consumes less than ten kWh/100 km with a normal driving style. His technology will be used in many Mercedes. Good this way.


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