Mercedes: Pothole warning

New Mercedes models can now also send real-time warnings of potholes or speed bumps to the cloud to warn other drivers.

"Caution people, you might damage your tires and rims here!" New models in the Mercedes C-Class, S-Class and EQS series recognize potholes or speed bumps and can send this information to other cars of the brand.

The prerequisite for Car-to-X communication is the activation of the corresponding service in the MBUX infotainment system. If a Mercedes buyer equips his car with a navigation system, this connection of the vehicle to the Mercedes cloud is activated for three years from the date of initial registration. After that, it costs EUR 59 a year together with other package contents such as real-time traffic data.

6.3 million users

According to the manufacturer, there are around 6.3 million "Mercedes me" users worldwide. You can hear the warning of potholes or speed bumps, which is issued in real time via the mobile network, as an acoustic warning in your own car. The cars also record and communicate other potentially dangerous events, including gusty side winds, accidents, slippery roads or heavy rain. Drivers following behind can therefore prepare for this at an early stage.


Networked cars can help make road traffic safer. Other drivers are warned in advance of dangerous situations. With services like the Mercedes cloud, this is still only happening within a manufacturer’s digital ecosystem.


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