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Mercedes-EQ: charging system with adapter instead of cable

As an accessory, Mercedes-Benz offers a charging system in which three adapters on one cable are sufficient for almost all connections.

Several charging cables are included in some electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Depending on the connection, you need a cable for the household socket and a type 2 cable for use at public charging stations. If you can charge your electrified car at work, you often have a third cable for industrial sockets with you.

One cable, three adapters


Mercedes-Benz wants to ensure more order. The car manufacturer offers a flexible charging system as an accessory. The product, which costs 1,225 euros, consists of a control unit with a fixed type 2 plug for connection in the car. The package also includes three adapters for household and industrial sockets as well as charging stations and wall boxes. Outputs of up to 22 kW should also be possible there with the accessory charging system. The total length of the cable is five meters. You can also buy an extension cable that also has a span of five meters.


Adapter buffet instead of tangled cables: Mercedes-Benz offers a charging cable with control unit as an accessory, which is suitable for use at sockets and charging stations. The price is proud.


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