Mercedes-AMG: only all-wheel drive in the future

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I n In an interview with British Autocar, AMG boss Tobias Moers said: 'The customers gave us the answer, most of them want all-wheel drive'.

In Munich they only want all-wheel drive

Yes Back when AMG was still offering the E-Class with rear-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive, over 90 percent opted for all-wheel drive, says Moers. “When I ask customers about the GT, they ask me about the all-wheel drive. In relation to our competitor, this is a disadvantage. 'Customers in Munich always ask for all-wheel drive, I think that has to do with security'. In the E63 4-Matic with drift mode, AMG currently offers the option of sending 100 percent of the engine power to the rear wheels.

For the future, the AMG models with the well-known 4.0-liter V8 will be launched as a plug-in hybrid with an electric rear axle. According to Moers, the current maximum output of 630 hp should not be exceeded. The first model with this hybrid powertrain will be the AMG GT four-door, which will compete as a rival against the Porsche Panamera S-E Hybrid in 2020. This drive was presented in 2017 when the four-door study was presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

Mercedes SL also with all-wheel drive

The hybridization helps torque vectoring with targeted over-acceleration, for example on the outside of the curve Wheel. This would then lead to controlled oversteer and quasi reduce the curve radius. Hybrid technology is AMG's way of making high-performance models future-proof; the electric range keeps CO2 emissions in check. It should be a minimum of 25 to 30 kilometers to allow emission-free driving in the city.

Back to the Mercedes-AMG GT. Since the modified 'Modular Sports Car Architecture (MSA)' of the sports car will also carry the Mercedes SL in the future, it is clear that the roadster will also come onto the market with four driven wheels.


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