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Mazda with in-line six-cylinder, rear-wheel drive and hybrid

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Rear-wheel drive, hybrid, in-line six-cylinder, eight-speed automatic
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B already in 2019 Mazda had one New technology offensive announced, the Japanese carmaker is now specifying its plans for a period after 2022. The plan also includes a new straight-six, which Mazda is now also showing in a picture for the first time. The engine was registered for a patent in 2018 under the number '2018-139967 (P2018-139967)'.

The new engine is available as Skyactive-X (petrol) and Skyactive-D (2nd generation diesel) planned and implemented as a longitudinal engine in a new 'Large Architecture' platform. This can be combined with the i-Active all-wheel drive system, and there is currently no talk of a rear-wheel drive platform with all-wheel drive option that was still rumored in 2019.

The Mazda RX-Vision Concept shows a sports car with a rotary engine - there would also be space for a longitudinal engine under the long bonnet.

Mazda with modular three-liter in-line six-cylinder

The technology of the new in-line six-cylinder is based on the current Skyactive-X four-cylinder -Aggregates. As in the Jaguar Land Rover (JRL) Ingenium engine family, or also with BMW and Mercedes, the new Mazda engines are modular, the cylinder units are probably 0.5 liters each, which means that the six-cylinder in-line engines have a cubic capacity of three liters results. Mazda is in vogue with the units: In addition to JLR, Mercedes has recently found its way back to the in-line six-cylinder.

Within the next five years, various models are to be built on the new platform and the current Kodo design is to be revised. So the CX-9, the CX-8 and the CX-5 stand for one on the Mazda list'Hardware update' as well as a technology evolution under the term 'CASE' (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric). The next generation of the Mazda 6 would also be a suitable candidate. In addition, a larger SUV (also a crossover), as well as a coupe version of the Mazda 6 and a sports car over the MX-5 could be considered for such a platform. Mazda recently got the name CX-50 protect - presumably for a CX-5-Coupé-Crossover. Mazda had already shown the Vision Coupé Concept, a coupé based on Mazda 6, in the past, and the RX-Vision study also gave an outlook on a large sports car - but at the time with a rotary engine.

Also cooperation Partner Toyota is to benefit from the new developments through its luxury subsidiary Lexus. According to initial rumors, the next generation of the Lexus IS will be based on the Mazda platform from 2026 and will also use the straight-six. The next model year 2020 of the IS will come on Toyota's TNGA platform with a V6 engine. It is questionable whether the Lexus RC will also be the first model to use the Mazda base from 2022.

Also after 2022, Mazda will offer a new plug-in hybrid with a 48-volt system, which is also available newly developed inline four-cylinder units. In addition, the company calls the drive train planned for the Mazda MX-30 with Wankel engine as a range extender 'Multi-Electric Technology' and has further vehicles in prospect.

Japanese Patent Office
The technical drawing of the eight-speed automatic.

At the beginning of 2020, Mazda also had a new automatic converter with eight Speed ​​steps registered under the patent number 'JP 2020-16272 (P2020-16272A)'. The description for registration includes the technology of a classic automatic transmission.


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