Market overview 2019: You can buy these electric cars

Market overview of electric cars 2019
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D ie number of one We can in all probability put a million electric cars on the German roads by 2020, even if politicians do not want to admit that yet. But with the latest developments in the form of the ongoing debate about diesel engines and city-center driving bans, there is suddenly movement in the e-car market from an unexpected direction. And the bonus for the purchase of a new Stromer introduced in 2016 is still available, because so far, as is well known, the demand boom has been limited='v-A_-article__inline__img'>

Patrick Lang
A design that has excited since the first drafts: The Honda e starts at 33,850 euros.

Some new electric cars were presented at the IAA 2019. The compact VW ID.3 made the biggest impact there. From the same group comes the new edition of the e-Up, together with the corresponding models of the subsidiary brands - Skoda Citigo-e iV and Seat Mii Electric. The Hyundai Ioniq Elektro is now also available in a new edition, and two well-known small cars are powered set: the Mini Cooper and the Opel Corsa. As a completely new and independent development, Honda now offers the small Honda e.

All electric cars inGermany

Compared to the normal car market, the range of electric cars is still very manageable. But recently there has been momentum in the matter. While German manufacturers are gradually rolling out the first models into the salesrooms, many importers are already on the market with the second generation of their electric cars. For example the Nissan Leaf or the Renault Zoe. Those who like to drive SUVs but are reluctant to fill up with fossil fuels can fall back on the Audi E-Tron, the Hyundai Kona Elektro or the Tesla Model X.

The most important key data for electric cars are, of course, range and price. With the latter in particular, it is important to differentiate, some manufacturers offer their electric cars with a surcharge battery rental. However, this approach is also changing. Nissan now only offers the new Leaf complete with a battery, while the previous model offered the option of renting batteries.

Battery rental has both advantages and disadvantages. The greatest advantage is the guaranteed performance of the electricity storage system. If the performance of the battery drops, the customer gets a new one installed free of charge. With prices of several thousand euros for such a battery, a reassuring prospect. On the other hand, the monthly rental rate makes buyers dependent on the manufacturer, which many customers do not want. The cumbersome rewriting of a battery lease agreement for the subsequent owner also has a corresponding effect on resale. Rent or purchase therefore remains a personal decision.

Rossen Gargolov
Now also available as a complete model without extra battery rental: The second generation Nissan Leaf.

Different battery sizes

With some models there is a choice between different battery capacities, which of course with associated costs. With the Kia e-Niro there is a choice between a basic version with 99 kW and 39 kWh battery and a 150 kW model with 64 kWh battery and a range of around 470 kilometers. Range values ​​that only last a long timefrom Tesla models. The e-car pioneer from the USA has to fight off some competition anyway, which makes the situation even worse in view of the production problems that still exist. The very successful Model X has a real rival for the first time with the Jaguar I-Pace, the Model S now faces the Porsche Taycan.

However, some models have already left us. Usually when changing the model of the car in question. Ford no longer offers an electric Focus, at Citroën Berlingo EV and E-Mehari have said goodbye.

When it comes to the cost of an electric car, additional investments in charging technology must be taken into account. Not only the charging current costs money, the infrastructure at the respective parking lot, from the standard wall charger to the power charging station, has to be paid for, even for more powerful charging systems on the vehicle, some manufacturers charge surcharges.

Some manufacturers have their own charging systems on offer. VW, for example, is also introducing the ID Charger with the ID.3. A wallbox from 399 euros.

In our picture gallery we have summarized all electric cars available in Germany with dates and prices. For models that have been on the market for some time, the consumption figures according to the manufacturers are still shown according to the NEDC. If information is already available for individual models according to the new WLTP measurement cycle, we have marked this accordingly. By the way: As an alternative to the pure electric car, there are plug-in hybrid models, for a market overview you can access this link .


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