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Manufacturers provide these guarantees for electric car batteries

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D he reasons for the great skepticism of German car buyers about electric vehicles are also As diverse as known: High (acquisition) costs, incomplete charging infrastructure, fear of range. The latter is linked to another concern: does the battery of an electric model actually last the entire life of the car? How many kilometers and charging cycles can the energy dispensers survive without the range suffering excessively? And what guarantees do the manufacturers give on the batteries?

96 months, 160,000 kilometers and 70 percent

The answer to the last question is provided by the model database of auto motor und sport. The data shows that the providers of electric models largely agree on the guarantee they give on the batteries of their products: 96 months or eight years or 160,000 kilometers, then at least 70 percent of the original battery capacity should be available. Models that offer exactly this guarantee combination are the new Honda E, the Jaguar I-Pace, the Opel electricians Ampera-e and Corsa-e, the Peugeot e-208, the Porsche Taycan, the Seat Mii Electric, the Tesla Model 3 as well as the power-driven Volkswagen trio ID.3, E-Golf and E-Up.

Kia /Florian Quandt
Kia only gives a seven-year or 150,000 km guarantee on the battery of the E-Soul.

However, there are deviants: Anyone interested in the electrically powered versions of the Kia Soul or Niro will find that the brand-typical seven-year guarantee also covers the Battery applies. Even in terms of kilometers (150,000), the Kia models are slightly below the values ​​of the competition. The BMW Group offers an eight-year battery guarantee for the i3 and Mini Cooper SE,but only up to 100,000 kilometers. The same applies to the Peugeot electricians e-2008 and Ion as well as to the EQ variants of the Smart Fortwo and Forfour.

Read the warranty conditions carefully

There are also differences in the promised remaining capacity. The aforementioned Kias, for example, only offer 65 percent. The approach taken by Renault is astonishing - the only electric car supplier on the German market for whose models the batteries can also be rented. If customers choose this option, Renault guarantees a remaining capacity of 75 percent for the Z.E. versions of the Kangoo and Zoe. Those who buy the battery have to be content with 66 percent.

But there are also positive examples when it comes to battery guarantees. For the fully electric Ioniq and Kona, it is eight years and 200,000 kilometers. The Tesla Model 3 with maximum range is 192,000 kilometers (the manufacturer specifies 160,000 kilometers for the normal version), the upper-class versions Model S and X have a kilometer cap of 240,000.

Whoever has differences in would like to discover the warranty services of the electric car manufacturer, however, has to dig deep into their websites, brochures or price lists. For some new e-models there is no or incomplete information, such as the E-Go Life or Mazda MX-30. We only received information on the guaranteed remaining capacity for about half of all electric cars currently on offer in Germany.


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