Luxury in Indian: DC2 Ambassador EV Concept (2020)

DC2 Hindustan Ambassador EV Concept
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E It doesn't always have to be Pininfarina, Giugiaro or Bertone. There are car designers all over the world, after all, it is not just European tastes that have to be satisfied. The Indian design company DC2 has designed an electric version of the Hindustan Ambassador, the implementation of which is linked to a corresponding demand. Now you may have never heard of the Hindustan Ambassador, so let's start with the production model.

The Hindustan Ambassador was from 1958 to Built in 2014, it is a widely used car in India. The brand is now part of Peugeot.

Now a Peugeot

From 1958 to 2014 the car was made by Hindustan Motors based on a Morris Oxford model in India. It has become one of the most popular vehicles there. In its most recent versions, the Ambassador was also available with air conditioning, electric windows and MP3 player. Characteristic is the large ground clearance, which is probably due to the sometimes bad road conditions. Everything from a suction diesel with 38 hp to a liquid gas unit could work under the hood. A 75 hp petrol engine was also on offer; the rear wheels are always powered. Incidentally, in 2017, Peugeot captured the rights to the Indian brand for 12 million euros.

The doors are in relation to the vehicle length Very generously dimensioned.

To this day, the car is used by large parts of the population and is also popular with politicians as a state car. The DC2 designers now want to see the Ambassador state-of-the-art and have designed an electric version that has only existed digitally so far. The front of the vehicle basically only exists as a radiator grille - although it would not actually be needed in this dimension for an electric car. Chrome-plated frame struts meet fine-spoke chrome rims; the creators chose plain black as the paint color. The side view reveals a very generously dimensioned door. The concept car is available as a two-door, but according to the designer it could also be redesigned as a four-door. There are no details about the drive - apart from the fact that it should be purely electric.

Chrome accents meet fine-spoke chrome rims.


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