Lucid DreamDrive: Answer to Tesla's Autopilot

Lucid Motors equips the electric sedan Air with a variety of cameras and sensors. The driving assistance package is called DreamDrive.

Lucid Motors has started with the series production of the electric sedan Air (see photo show), which primarily has Tesla in its sights as a competitor. In order to score points against the Model S, Lucid brings along a large army of driving assistants in addition to the powerful electric drive and a long range. The counterpart to Tesla's autopilot is called Lucid DreamDrive.

A total of 32 components ensure that the car finds its way in traffic. These include 14 cameras, five radar sensors, four all-round cameras and ultrasonic sensors. An advanced system, called DreamDrive Pro, also uses lidar technology.

However, the American start-up does not promise autonomous driving. Rather, DreamDrive is an extended assistance system with many additional functions. When parking the car on a slope, for example, the wheels are automatically turned towards the curb to prevent them from rolling away. The parking assistant allows automated parking in parallel and end-on parking spaces. As a traffic jam assistant, the adaptive cruise control system maintains the distance to the vehicle in front up to a speed of around 60 km/h (40 mph), brakes to a standstill and then drives off again automatically. That should please many commuters from Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Integrated emergency assistant

The driver is observed by an infrared camera that can detect distractions and fatigue. In the event of a medical emergency, the car can be automatically braked to a standstill. It also unlocks the doors to allow first responders access.

The Ethernet in the Lucid Air allows fast data traffic between the control units in the car. According to the manufacturer, they communicate with each other at "gigabit speed". In addition, the computer network from Lucid Motors should also be scalable for future areas of application.


Lucid Motors is up against the competition from Tesla and other manufacturers not only in electric drives, but also in automated driving. The start-up calls its assistance system DreamDrive.


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