Lazzarini Plectrum with Aston Martin and Helicopter

Lazzarini is showing its latest hydrogen superyacht, the Plectrum. She has an Aston Martin and a helicopter with her - and is almost 140 km/h fast.

Lazzarini presents unusual superyacht concepts several times a year, whereby the Italian design studio is not stingy with technical superlatives. The plectrum is the latest design from the Italians - and it's again a bit more spectacular than most of its predecessors. In any case, there is room for a helicopter, a smaller yacht, a motor boat and an Aston Martin.

The plectrum is 242 feet (74 meters) long, 45 feet (14 meters) wide and equipped with hydrofoils that lift it out of the water at higher speeds, significantly reducing displacement and drag. The electric motors, which are powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and have a total output of 15,000 hp, are intended to accelerate the ship to a top speed of 75 knots (139 km/h).

With boats and helicopters and cars

Like most Lazzarini yachts, the Plectrum is primarily made of lightweight carbon fibre. Two side stabilizers extend to a width of 65 feet (20 meters). Their upper sides are planked with wood - whether guests can lie down there in the sun, for example, when the yacht is at a standstill is unknown. The plectrum also offers more than enough space in other places.

There are six guest cabins above the owner's suite. In the bow area there is a helicopter that can be extended upwards on its landing area, and there are flaps on the side for launching a smaller yacht. In the stern area there are several terraces, a pool and the parking space for a motor boat and an Aston Martin.


Lazzarini always delights with fresh, spectacular yacht concepts. Despite being 74 meters long, the new plectrum is said to be capable of speeds of up to 139 km/h. On board are a smaller motor yacht, a helicopter, a motor boat and an Aston Martin. Despite this, there is still plenty of space for a pool and several terraces. It would be great if Lazzarini implemented one of his concepts in reality.


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