Kia now also sells Wallbox packages

In the future, Kia will not only offer drivers of electric cars a charging billing system, but also wall boxes for a wide variety of needs.

Kia is expanding its charging service for drivers of electric cars. Under the name Kia Charge, manufacturers and importers have so far offered access to public charging stations in Germany. Access and billing are centralized via Kia. In addition to access to Ionity fast chargers along the trunk roads, according to the company, Kia Charge customers have access to 98 percent of the public charging points in Germany. According to Kia, 250,000 power sources can be controlled across Europe.

Now there are offers for charging at home. Four wallbox packages should meet all circumstances and needs. Kia cooperates with the provider Allego. The Ecoline basic variant is available for single-phase charging with 3.6 to 7.4 power.

Charging station to share with neighbors

If you charge your vehicle more frequently, you can use the three-phase Ecoline Connect wall box with cloud connection via a SIM card, which supports charging capacities of up to 11 kW. The top model Kia Charge Proline Business can be ordered in two versions for 11 or 22 kW. This charging station is secured by an RFID card reader. A calibrated electricity meter in the box enables the billing of each individual charging process. This means that the wall box can also be shared among neighboring parking spaces or colleagues. The charging processes are then billed via Kia Charge.

Of course, this has its price. The Proline Business Package with 22 kW costs 3,018 euros, and the 11 kW variant costs 2,909 euros. Ecoline Connect is available for 2,171 euros, the Ecoline entry-level model for 1,784 euros. In addition to the wallbox, the prices also include the basic installation as well as service and maintenance for two years.


In the future, Kia will not only offer a billing system for public charging points under the name Kia Charge, but also wallbox packages in different versions. Prices start at 1,784 euros.


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