Interview with BMW project manager Thomas Liedtke

In an interview, BMW project manager Thomas Liedtke talks about the Gen5 engine family from the X1 plug-in hybrid and the i models.

The electric motors of the two X1 plug-in hybrids come from the Gen5 motor family, as do those of the purely electric i models. Can you summarize the advantages of these engines?

We don't need rare earths, and we can make the topic of sailing with current-excited machines much easier. We just turn off the power and then the cart rolls with the kinetic energy. The rotor spins without losses because we don't have to power it to coast.

Are the motors more complex or expensive to manufacture?

They are scalable motors in terms of rotor length and rotor diameter. This naturally results in many synergies in order to be able to produce as efficiently as possible.

According to WLTP, the X1 PHEV achieves an electric range of up to 92 kilometers with a comparatively small 14.2 kilowatt hour battery. How is this efficiency achieved?

We wanted to offer three drive variants in order to be able to provide the desired drive type worldwide and we paid close attention to the topic of drag coefficient. For the hybrid and the all-electric X1, we have closed all underbody panels. The focus was on making the vehicle concept and the drives as efficient as possible. In addition, the forward-looking energy management with battery preconditioning and adaptive recuperation was very important to us. We deliberately do without paddles behind the steering wheel for adjustment, as we have perfected the adaptive recuperation so that the system can always decide between coasting, recuperation and acceleration with regard to the best efficiency. There are many tenths that add up and ultimately result in high efficiency.

What kind of equipment and what kind of model do I need to achieve the specified drag coefficient of 0.26?

All drives and equipment of the iX1 and the combustion engines 18i and 18d achieve this cd value. The PHEV models and the more powerful combustion engines manage 0.27. ,


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