Interactive quiz: The wild cars of the 90s

In the 90s there were wild cars - whether from Italy, Japan, UK or Germany. Now it's your turn: do you recognize all the icons?

I have no idea what you were doing in the 90s. Plastic pacifier pulled on chains? Fed your Tamagotchi? Something written down on the Diddl pad? Buffalo platform shoes worn? Laughed about the overturning A-Class in the moose test? Thought a pager was the most innovative of all communication options? It doesn't matter! As long as you were also interested in sports cars, because a look back shows how wonderfully uncompromising and wild the cars were just before the millennium. Since you have landed on the auto motor und sport website, it is reasonable to assume that you have one or the other car from our quiz hanging in your room as a poster. Convince yourself and go on a little journey through time with the quiz.


If that had been a theoretical driving test - would you have passed? Or are you lost in the sign forest?


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