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Interactive quiz: The advertising slogans of the car manufacturers

How many other advertising slogans from car manufacturers do you know? Can you match these claims to the right brand?

Admit it: When you read the headline, "Toyoootaaaa" was immediately sung in your head. The associative power of advertising slogans is and remains considerable and in the last 30 years there have been some concise works. Sometimes the advertising messages also overlap. Not only does the train make you mobile, but also the Mars chocolate bar. And while VW builds "Das Auto", Hyundai offers "Mein Auto". This edition of our interactive quiz is about the brand claims of car manufacturers. However, we're not going to insult your intellect with a branding of "Sheer Driving Pleasure" or "Vorsprung durch Technik". We want you to do a little memory digging to attribute the slogans here to the right brands. Who knows - maybe this will even be a pleasantly transfigured excursion into the good old days, when there were still tobacco advertisements on Formula 1 cars and "They at Dea" filled you up. ,


How do we and Mercedes say when it comes to a quiz result? "The best or nothing". If you didn't live up to this claim, try your luck again.


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