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Hyundai is planning smartphone app for tuning electric cars

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D he Hyundai Motor Group is working on a smartphone app that can be used to configure the performance parameters of an electric car. For example, it should be possible to set the maximum speed, the acceleration power or the maximum torque of the electric drive.

What sounds like a license for wild tuning can rather be seen as a safety aspect. For example, parents should be able to lend the car to the novice drivers with less acceleration or less power. Depending on the weather, it should also be possible to regulate the preparatory work of the air conditioning system for cooling or heating the interior before starting the journey.

In addition, the manufacturer could preconfigure parameters that can be called up depending on the route profile of the route or driving style and in adjusts individual points to personal preferences.

Data security through blockchain technology

The settings should not be saved and accessed on a central server, but should be secured with the help of blockchain technology and the data protection regulations correspond. Future electric car models from the Hyundai and Kia brands will offer the option of setting via app. Cars with internal combustion engines cannot be equipped with this technology for regulatory reasons alone. Interventions in the torque or the power of the engine would change the exhaust gas values.

In Europe, the Kia Soul and Niro as well as Hyundai Ioniq and Kona models are currently offered as fully electric vehicles, as well as the Hyundai Nexo with fuel cell. The group plans to bring 23 more electric cars onto the global market by 2025.


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