How to find the best TV Remote Apps?

Did you know that instead of having a separate remote for your TV, you can install a TV remote app on your phone? Generally, most ecosystems have their assigned remotes so users could navigate through their TVs by changing the channels, turning up and down the volume, managing the display settings, etc. All of the traditional TV services had such remotes programmed to their TVs. You can even find the option for a voice remote as well, like with Xfinity TV services has a voice remote that can perform almost all activities that you can otherwise by pressing on the buttons. You can learn more about the Xfinity Voice remotes by dialing the Xfinity phone number. However, even if you don’t have a remote or are looking to buy one, or the batteries have run out and you can’t afford to go out right now, you can download the following TV Remote Apps to navigate your TV channels through your phone.

SamRemote. This app works best if you have a Samsung TV. As soon as you have downloaded the app on your phone, you need to pair it with your Samsung TV. The app will scan around for a connection with your TV, and pair up when connected. When connected, the app will show all the buttons that you would usually find on your physical remote, including the Smart Hub button, A, B, C, and D, and many other buttons. If you need to turn it off, you can even do that from the SamRemote App. You can find this app on the Apple App Store.

Universal Remote TV Smart. This is the best Universal Remote app for smart TV and is available for download on the Apple App Store. The process goes like this; download the app, and scan for smart TV to connect to and pair with. There will be a pairing code that is exchanged between your phone and smart TV, and when entered, you will get a remote on your phone. The thing about universal remote in the app is that it will change, depending on the kind of smart TV you have. If your TV is a Roku TV, the remote will appear to be the same one as needed for your Roku TV. If you have a Samsung TV, then your remote on the app will have the same buttons as they were on your physical remote for Samsung TV.

The last thing, this remote app will only work if your smart TV has Wi-Fi connection capabilities, otherwise, it won’t work if you have a TV of an older version.

Amazon Fire App. As suggested by the name, this remote app works if you have the Amazon Fire TV. You can find this app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Along with being very easy to use, this app has all the remote features that you need to navigate your Amazon Fire TV. This app doesn’t have a power button, hence you will need to use the TV’s physical remote to turn on your Amazon Fire TV. There are no volume buttons either. Moreover, this remote app allows you to switch between your apps and games with a dedicated page consisting of icons of all your downloaded apps.

AnyMote. This is another universal remote app to control the settings on your TV as well as other home theatre equipment. If there is air conditioning in the same room, you can even use this app to manage the temperature in the room. AnyMote allows you to control both the Wi-Fi and infrared devices. Also, this app comes with an editing feature where you can add new buttons and personalize your remote to better maintain the home theatre experience. You can download this app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Apple TV Remote. This app is designed for Apple TV and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Generally, the physical remote that you get with your Apple TV is kind of hard to use. If you also feel the same, then you need to download this app to navigate through and control your Apple TV.

Apple TV Remote app is pretty simple and has only one button that you won’t find on the physical remote. This button allows you to scroll through your movie, by using timelines or fast-forwarding. You will even get a chapter selection tool to let you jump to a certain part of the movie that you are watching. Moreover, you can also control the volume of your Apple TV by pressing the volume buttons of your iPhone or iPad

Final Thoughts

In summary, having the remote app feature is the best option to go for if you are having any trouble with your physical remote, be it unable to work, no batteries available, or you can’t remember where you put the remote.


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