Hippo's Omnia Novus: The All-Cars Essence

The British lessor Hippo has created the absolute average car from the design of 250 popular models.

In the meantime, the standard design has become widespread in the portfolio of many car manufacturers. But the models are also becoming more and more similar across all brands. The British lessor Hippo asked itself what the absolute average car would look like.

250 mixed designs

For this purpose, images of 250 popular models from 32 different manufacturers were evaluated and the most striking design elements were viewed. The absolutely average car design was then extracted from the superimposition of the 250 side, front and rear views. The choice of color was also made empirically. Google spit out the highest monthly search volume for the color red. And then the child needed a name.

Hippo christened the average car Omnia Novus. Both parts of the name are derived from Latin. Omina means "everything", Novus stands for "fresh, new, modern, unprecedented".

And what does the omnia novus look like? Ultimately like a completely random SUV that could be assigned to any brand or no one. However, this arbitrariness of the average design may also explain why some manufacturers oversubscribe their models completely or only partially. You have to stand out from the crowd somehow.


Car designs are becoming more and more arbitrary in the eyes of many. A British lessor mixed the design of 250 popular models into an average car. The result is a ....... completely arbitrary SUV.


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