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GKN Driveline is testing a new two-speed transmission for e-cars

New transmission for electric cars
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F Overs of electric cars and plug-in hybrids have meanwhile got used to the reduction gear with a forward gear that is usually installed in these vehicles. One gear ratio is enough for the electric drive.

The automotive supplier GKN Driveline has now presented a new two-speed transmission that can cope with a further spread of drive power in future electric cars. According to the company, this should not only increase the range of a battery charge, but also convert more power into faster acceleration and a higher top speed.

Jeep Renegade with electric drive

Als A Jeep Renegade, which GKN calls Driveline GTD19, has been converted to an electric drive, serves as a prototype for testing the two-speed transmission. The 120 kW electric motor can only send its power to the front axle or to all four wheels. In addition, if required, only one of the two front wheels can be driven.

This means that the drive system called Twinster can be used as driving stabilization by minimizing the tendency of a car with front-wheel drive to understeer in curves by distributing the torque accordingly.

The electric drive train with the new transmission was built into the existing vehicle architecture of the Jeep Renegade by the engineers. With this, the company wants to demonstrate problem-free compatibility of the technology with existing platforms and possible integration into existing production processes.

An electric car transmission with two gear ratios may offer advantages in terms of driving dynamics and efficiency. The new simplicity, valued by many customers, gives way to a new complexity.


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