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GA-B platform: Toyota develops new small car architecture

GA-B platform
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T oyota is currently reorganizing its platforms and running under the roof Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) is gradually introducing new modules. The GA-C platform for compact cars such as the Prius, C-HR and Corolla is already on the market. There is also the GA-K construction kit, on which larger sedan and SUV models such as the Camry and RAV4 are based. Toyota is now rounding off the platform family at the bottom and is bringing the new GA-B architecture for small cars.

Advantages through modular structure

Advanced connection technologies should lead to high torsional rigidity and still weight and keep costs under control. The wheels are suspended at the front on MacPherson struts, which are combined with low-friction dampers and various types of springs. The rear axle can be designed as a composite or multi-link variant, depending on the type and character of the vehicle. Overall, the kit should guarantee 'trustworthy and natural driving characteristics'.

The positioning of the driver's seat should lower the center of gravity.

The center of gravity should be lowered by moving the driver's seat not only down, but also backwards towards the center of the vehicle. The GA-B platform should also guarantee a generous amount of space and optimal use of space.

New freedom for designers

The new architecture should also give designers new freedom. The flat layout, with the upper hard body points positioned low, results in cars with low height and wide stance, according to Toyota. At the same time, the design can be simplified and yet designed more independently and with more attractive proportions than before. TheThe GA-B platform also allows different wheelbases, vehicle heights and track widths - and thus cars of different sizes and body types. Basically, the wheels on the new GA-B models should be placed far in the corners, so that short overhangs and long wheelbases result.

It is certain that the next one, probably in the fall at Tokyo Motor Show debuting Yaris will be the first car to use the new platform. It could also secure the future of Aygo, which will expire at the end of 2020. The French have long since left the project that Toyota implemented together with the PSA group. Such a small car could be represented profitably with a platform that is used by other models. In addition, the GA-B construction kit is highly relevant internationally - for models that do not find their way to Europe. There are quite a few of these in the Toyota Group.


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