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G-class opponent: BMW designed by artificial intelligence

If an AI (artificial intelligence) were a BMW designer, there would be an opponent for the Mercedes G-Class in the Munich portfolio.

In a dystopia where machines are the ruling caste, there could at least be fancy cars. At least that proves an experiment that BMW has done. The Munich-based company commissioned an AI (artificial intelligence) to design off-road vehicles without human intervention and the results are impressive. The pictures that BMW published via Instagram show a genuine G-Class opponent . Whether there is a connection to Audi's considerations to also enter this segment is probably only known by the machines themselves - but that's not the topic here. ,

The AI ​​is basically based on the shapes of the current BMW X7, without taking over its controversial front. Instead of the split lights and the oversized kidney grille, there are classic headlights and slightly smaller air intakes in the front view. To do this, the AI ​​designs a roof rack, wider fenders and large, supposedly chunky wheels. Overall, the virtual BMW sits very high - no wonder, because in the pictures it is parked in a kind of jungle. The lift is particularly evident in the rear view, which also shows a sharply cut light graphic. ,

The BMW experiment resulted in another vehicle that is a little less martial, but more athletic. There are similarities to the last generation X5 (F15) , especially with regard to the shape of the headlights. However, the AI ​​has opted for increased use of beads and also devised a heavily contoured bonnet. Even if both vehicles appear pleasing, a production version should not be on the agenda for the time being. The Munich-based company is not active in the hardcore off-road sector and according to current planning, nothing will change for the time being. ,


What such an artificial intelligence is capable of, some find amazing, others frightening. In any case, it can be said that there is a talent for designing off-road BMW SUVs. Given the current pace of development in the technology sector, it could soon be normal to talk about AI-designed cars. After all, the concept of a 3D printer initially sounded absurd, remember?


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