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Ford Pre-Collision-Assist: The self-braking shopping cart

Ford emergency brake assistant in the shopping cart
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D he monitoring of the area in front of the car with the emergency brake assistant, which also detects pedestrians and cyclists, is a clear safety gain in inner-city traffic. Accidents can also be avoided on the way to the supermarket.

The engineers at the car manufacturer Ford have now transferred sensor technology to everyday life. When you arrive at the store and change your vehicle, you could still rely on the active brake support. Even when children push the shopping cart through the aisles of the supermarket. The offspring often not only have a very limited field of vision behind the high handlebar, but also a poor understanding of speeds and their relationship to braking distances and distances.

Fewer accidents in the supermarket

In a marketing video, the car manufacturer explains with a wink the function of the system called 'Pre-Collision-Assist' by Ford with a correspondingly converted shopping cart. It slows down in good time before supermarket shelves or goods placed on promotional areas come into unnecessary contact and are damaged.

According to the motto “Parents are responsible for their children”, hardly any retail chain is likely to invest in appropriately equipped shopping carts. The self-braking shopping trolley is certainly not the prototype for opening up new business areas for Ford either, but is intended to promote the security system.


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