Ford is testing fully automatic charging stations

Ford is testing a fully automatic charging station. This also helps people with disabilities to charge their electric cars.

It sounds simple: when electricity is required, the electric car is parked in front of the charging station and the cable is plugged in. What takes only a few moments for many people is an insurmountable hurdle for electric car drivers with limited mobility or disabilities. A robot charging station that is currently being tested by the car manufacturer Ford can help here. It is being tested under real conditions as part of a research project to develop hands-free charging solutions for e-vehicles.

The technology is suitable for autonomous driving

The charging arm of the column orients itself with the help of a small camera, which finds the way to the connection of the car. The person in the vehicle can start the process via a smartphone app and does not have to get out during this time. After the charging process is complete, the column is disconnected from the car fully automatically. This technology should later also help to charge fully autonomous electric cars.

Birger Fricke, research engineer at Ford of Europe's Research and Innovation Center, explains: "Ford is committed to ensuring the greatest possible freedom of movement. At present, refueling or charging a vehicle can be a major problem for some drivers. A workable solution could be the robot charging station. In addition, the system offers additional convenience - even for people without mobility impairments.


Ford is testing a robotic charging station that will also enable people with disabilities to charge their electric cars. It shouldn't stop with this field test: A follow-up project with Ionity has already been announced.


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