Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV: Police under power

US police services can also use the Ford F-150 Lightning as a service vehicle in the future. Ford has unveiled the police version of its electric pickup truck.

In its combustion variant, the Ford F-150 has been in service with various US police departments for a long time. Now Ford is also offering the F-150 Lightning – i.e. the electric version – in a police outfit. The F-150 Lightning Pro SSV (Special Service Vehicle) combines the advantages of an electric powertrain with the police-specific interior features of the proven F-150 Police Responder .

Equipment known, Frunk scores

Accordingly, the police Lightning is equipped with special seats. They have an extremely tear-resistant fabric cover and reduced padding to make it easier to get in and out with a gun holster, as well as steel plates in the backrest to protect against attacks from the back seat. It is covered with easy-care vinyl, as is the cabin floor. The center console is completely filled with the obligatory police technology. The digital cockpit and the touchscreen on the dashboard remain intact. On the roof, the signal bar with its warning lights makes it clear to the surrounding area who is buzzing at them electrically. The ramming bar at the front is used for rougher operations.

The frunk is ideal for police use. All the additional police equipment, for example to protect against accidents, fits in the trunk under the front hood. It is also extremely easy to access here. Luminaires and lamps can be operated from the socket placed there. Another power source on the loading area offers additional connection options for external consumers.

Both drive versions available

When it comes to the drive, the police variant of the F-150 Lightning relies on the 452 hp and 1,050 Nm standard version, which has a range of up to 370 kilometers. The 580 hp version is also available as an option for power-oriented law enforcement officers. The police pick-up is supposed to sprint from zero to 100 km/h in just under four seconds. Much more important, however, is that the Lightning should significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs compared to the combustion engine versions. Integrated into the Ford Pro telematics platform, the police fleets - combustion engines and electric cars - should be controlled in such a way that there are always enough emergency vehicles ready.,


Ford is upgrading its fleet of potential police cars with the F-150 Lightning. The electric pick-up should score above all in terms of costs.


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