Ford F-100 Eluminator: electric motor for retrofitting

US car manufacturer Ford is adding an electric motor to its range of crate engines. The drive, dubbed the Eluminator, was implanted in an F-100 for SEMA 2021.

Crate engines, i.e. complete retrofit engines for resto mods, hot rod conversions or dragsters, are part of the normal delivery portfolio of the large US car manufacturers. Ford currently mainly offers V8 engines with displacements of up to 7.3 liters and up to 580 hp. The only exception is the 2.3-liter Eco Boost turbo four-cylinder with 310 hp.,

210 kW and 431 Nm

However, the range was expanded for SEMA 2021 - with the first electric motor. The Eluminator (Ford also has an aluminum V8 on offer that goes by the name of Aluminator) baptized electric drive comes from the Ford Mach-E GT in the Performance Edition and brings 210 kW and 431 Nm to the start. The installation length is given as 570 millimeters. To give customers an idea of ​​what to do with the Eluminator, Ford built the F-100 Eluminator concept car for SEMA.

Resto Mod show car with all-wheel drive

The completely restored 1978 F-100 pickup was equipped with two Eluminator motors - one per axle. Ford states 353 kW (480 hp) and 860 Nm as the total output in this configuration. In addition, the oldie becomes an all-wheel drive vehicle. Ford got support for the electric Resto-Mod from MLe Racecars and used a modified chassis from Roadster Shop. Except for the 19-inch, three-piece retro-look aluminum rims with 275/45 tires and a full lowering, the F-100 is almost original. The gray finish with copper-colored accents is stylish and matches the concept.

The interior is wrapped in dark leather with copper-colored elements. The rotary control for the direction of travel has been integrated into the newly drawn-in center console with armrest and large storage compartment, cup holders and inductive charging compartment. Above that, on the dashboard, is a huge touchscreen for further operation. A similarly designed range indicator replaces the classic tape speedometer.

The Eluminator costs around 3,400 euros – the first batch is already sold out

Anyone who has developed a taste for electronics can buy the almost 93-kilogram Eluminator motor in the Ford Performance Parts shop at a price of 3,900 dollars (equivalent to around 3,400 euros) acquire. When it comes to approval in the USA, no converter needs to worry anymore. The electric drive is legal in all 50 states. A battery pack is not included in the offer. Ford has not yet provided any information on where and how this can be obtained. Nevertheless, the US carmaker hopes to electrify the resto mod scene with the Eluminator. And there is certainly no lack of performance, but perhaps sound. But that doesn't seem to bother the converters, because according to Ford, the first batch of Eluminator engines is already sold out. However, Ford did not want to reveal the number of units. What is certain is that Ford will add more engines.


Ford is adding an electric motor to its Crate Engines program and is hoping for plenty of demand from the resto mod scene. So far, this has been served by numerous other system providers such as  Electric GT .


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