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Flying motorcycle & # 34; Jetpack Aviation Recreational Speeder & # 34;

Jetpack Aviation Recreational Speeder
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I Are you familiar with Wookies? You don't immediately associate the name Skywalker with a wine supplier? And have you always been enthusiastic about flying vehicles with a futuristic look? Then you could be the ideal candidate for purchasing one of a total of 20 “flying motorcycles”. Assuming you have $ 380,000 left. That's how much the manufacturer of the so-called Jetpack Aviation Recreational Speeder demands for each copy. Astute observers should have noticed straight away that the previous images on the manufacturer's website are currently still drawings and animations. How exactly the flying motorcycle will look in reality is left to the imagination. After all, the manufacturer announced in mid-November that it was able to raise US $ 2 million for the development of a prototype with the help of funding projects. We could possibly see a first 'real' vehicle soon.

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Altitude of up to 4,500 meters

In addition, the manufacturer, who has already made a name for itself through the production of Jetpack backpacks, mentions also the first performance data for the speeder. In addition to the 20 copies that can be purchased by private buyers, there will be other models that are reserved for the rescue service and the military. In addition, the speeder will be available in different equipment variants. The version for private buyers will be powered by four turbines. The other variant, which the manufacturer calls the 'experimental' version, should have five turbines.

Jetpack Aviation
A copy of the speeder is said to cost $ 380,000.

Should one ever If the turbine fails, the speeder can continue to fly with three turbines. If a turbine fails, the on-board computer ensures the necessary stability. The two model variants also differ in terms of performance: the private version can reach speeds of up to 100 km /h; With the military and rescue service variant, an enormous 240 km /h are possible. Thanks to a weight of almost 100 kilograms, flight times between ten and 22 minutes result. Jetpack Aviation has also commented on the maximum flight altitude: the speeder should be able to climb 4,500 meters. The private variant can in principle be controlled manually. The speeder is stabilized by a so-called 'fly-by-wire' system. The manufacturer does not reveal whether there are also semi-autonomous functions and assistance systems, for example for landing or in dangerous situations. The military and rescue service version, on the other hand, can also fly autonomously. By the way, the speeder is fired with kerosene or diesel.

10,000 US dollars as advance payment

At least in the USA, no pilot's license is required for the private speeder. All that is required is instruction from the manufacturer. For the 'Experimental' version, however, you need a pilot's license. Due to the requirements of the American aviation safety authority FAA for experimental aircraft, one must also be present when the vehicle is completed.

Jetpack Aviation
Primarily the speeder was developed for the rescue service and the military.

In Germany, however, the legal situation is different, which is why it is doubtful that we will soon see one of the 20 copies in the air. The pictures and information shown so far also raise some questions. At least the maximum altitude of 4,500 meters raises some questions. The pilot's 'seating position' also does not seem fully developed. If you decide to buy the Jetpack Aviation Recreational Speeder despite all the question marks, you have to transfer $ 10,000 as a deposit when pre-ordering. The purchase price includes a hat, a T-shirt, a key holder and a miniature model of the speeder. Jetpack Aviation has not yet revealed when exactly the first copies will fly through the air.

Connection to Star Wars not a coincidence

Finally, one more sentence about the connection to Star Wars mentioned above . Fans of the George Lucas film series may have heard of the name 'Speeder' before - there is also a motorcycle-like flying object in Star Wars that goes by the same name. Could that be a coincidence?


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