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Fight against fine dust: VW tests brake dust particle filters

Brake dust particle filter at VW
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I The Erlkönig has another bluish cartridge built into the connection to the brake caliper which also encloses the brake disc. Overall, the brake caliper and drum roll - the brake dust particle filter cover almost half of the brake disc.

Mann + Hummel
The brake particle filter from Mann + Hummel - here in the car version.

Brake dust particle filter? Something is ringing! That's right, the filter expert “Mann + Hummel” has already announced a corresponding system that catches the abrasion of the brake pads close to the source. As with the Golf Erlkönig, the system consists of a robust housing right next to the brake calliper and can be adapted to the existing installation space and to different brake sizes. The filter itself consists of metal fiber fleeces that are corrosion and temperature resistant. In order to catch as many particles as possible - Mann + Hummel speaks of up to 80 percent - the inside of the housing is specially structured. In addition, the brake dust particle filter keeps the brake and rim dirty.

Mann + Hummel had the first idea for this filter back in 2003 and carried out various tests and optimizations in the years to come. The first joint tests with a car manufacturer were carried out as early as 2010 until the filter was finally implemented in 2014 for the 'fine dust eater' vehicle. This project vehicle filters fine dust from the ambient air via a roof system. After further optimizations, Mann + Hummel is now investigating a lightweight construction concept in 2019 with the aim of bringing the system to a weight of less than 500 grams. The aim is to use it in a car.


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