Equipmake Ampere E-Axle: 600 hp from 85 kilograms

The British system provider Equipmake is presenting a new e-axle with one or two motors, which stands out with its enormous power density.

As part of the switch to electromobility, it is no longer just car manufacturers who are developing vehicle drives, but increasingly complete modules from third-party suppliers. Equipmake from Great Britain (Snetterton, Norfolk) is one of these system providers. With the Ampere 220, the British have now introduced a completely new, light and powerful electric axle.

Everything in one module

With the new electric drive system, Equipmake is targeting manufacturers of high-performance electric vehicles, who may also come from the light commercial vehicle sector. The Ampere 220 combines 3D printed electric motors with all power electronics, including the proprietary silicon carbide inverter, and an integrated transmission system in a compact unit that directly drives the vehicle axle. The British recently presented a corresponding module in the Ariel Hipercar.,

The heart of the e-axle is the liquid-cooled Ampere electric motor with a spoke rotor design. 3D printing brings advantages in terms of weight and cooling. The electric motor has a peak output of 220 kW, offers 165 kW continuous output and offers a maximum speed of 30,000 rpm. He only weighs 20 kilograms. The manufacturer specifies the maximum torque as 170 Nm, and the drive shaft should have a whopping 2,475 Nm. Two machines can even be integrated in the Ampere 220-E axis. The power increases to 440 kW (around 600 hp in old currency), the total weight of the axle is 85 kilograms.,


Equipmake has introduced its new Ampere 220 E-Axle. It can carry one or two motors. An output of up to 440 kW is possible with a weight of only 85 kilograms. The range of applications extends from sports cars to light commercial vehicles.


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