Electric drive for Africa - Evum aCar driving report

Evum aCar driving report
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M it With the aCar, the company Evum Motors, which was founded as a result of the research project of the Technical University of Munich, wants to initiate nothing less than a revolution in transport in African countries. Self-sufficient, electrically powered and so simply structured that no expensive special tools or spare parts are required for maintenance.

Five years have passed since scientists at the Technical University of Munich started their first field studies in Kenya and Ghana Have defined the basic requirements for the new aCar. The project is a simply constructed transporter that is supposed to be suitable for the transport of goods as well as for people, runs with an electric drive and does not capitulate to the sometimes challenging 'road' conditions in remote areas of Africa.

Also permanently programmed to 20 percent, which provides little usable engine braking force on steep descents. For the subsequent series production, the chassis and steering settings in particular can still handle a bit of fine-tuning, the prototype drives like a municipal tractor. But the improvement work has of course been planned for a long time, for example, depending on the customer's wishes, there should also be an electric power steering.

Costs around 10,000 dollars - in Africa

As far as costs are concerned, they hold up still stuck at the fixed point targeted early on (US $ 10,000). However, only with on-site production, for example in Ghana or Nigeria, after the workers there have undergone training in Germany. From European production and with road approval (according to the L7e standard), a price of around 22,000 euros is currently calculated - both because of the considerably higher production costs and because of the corresponding technical retrofitting for road approval. The plans are ambitious in any case, by 2025 Evum Motors wants to have produced a total of 110,500 vehicles in eleven production locations worldwide.


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