Elaris Pio: small electric car from China

The Elaris Pio is a small electric car from China. Above all, he should win commercial customers and care services as customers.

The young German electric car brand Elaris, which wants to sell vehicles made in China under its own flag, is revising its program before the market launch. The electric micro car Zhidou will be called Elaris Pio in the future.

According to the WLTP standard, a range of 225 kilometers should be possible. According to the manufacturer, the traction battery has a storage capacity of 27 kWh. This distinguishes the Elaris Pio from the largely identical Zhidou DS2 with an 18 kWh battery, which is also offered by other importers.

Two-seater for urban traffic

A 36 kW (49 hp) electric motor is supposed to accelerate the Pio, which is only 2.81 meters long, to a top speed of 105 km/h. The should be used by the Pio customers hardly often. The target group is, for example, delivery and care services that use electric cars in urban areas.

18,410 euros is the list price of the Pio. After deducting the environmental bonus, 9,490 euros remain. Another subsidy called "Sozial und Mobil", which the Federal Ministry for the Environment grants to authorized users, even lowers the price to 5,490 euros.


The Elaris Pio is a light electric vehicle with two seats, which is primarily intended to keep commercial customers and care services mobile in urban areas.


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