E.Go Life: exchangeable battery as a range service

The electric car manufacturer E.Go Mobile offers a new service for the Life. If necessary, the empty battery can be exchanged for a full one.

Not only the Chinese manufacturer Nio, but also the German company E.Go Mobile offers the possibility of changing the battery for its electric car. However, while Nio also plans to change the batteries as an alternative to charging for regular use, the battery replacement for the electric city car from Aachen is intended as an emergency solution.

The standard range of the E.Go Life is 171 kilometers. Ideally, the 21.15 kWh battery is fully charged in just under six hours. According to E.Go Mobile, customers who "have to be on the road longer than usual due to an unexpected event" can now exchange the energy storage device.

60 minutes waiting time

For this, a battery exchange station, called E.Pit, has to be headed for. There, the empty battery can be exchanged for a full one within an hour. In the future, the waiting time should be reduced to about 30 minutes. After one month at the latest, the driver must pick up his battery and return the replacement battery. In contrast to the Nio idea, the car and battery continue to form a unit with E.Go Mobile.

The E.Pits are now in operation at the E.Go plant in Aachen and in Zülpich, locations in Düsseldorf and Hamburg will open soon. Other stations are also planned.


E.Go Mobile offers the possibility of battery replacement for the electric car Life. This should help drivers of the small car to cover longer distances in an emergency. However, the number of locations is still manageable.


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