CRRC Zhuzhou ART: This tram runs without rails

CRRC Zhuzhou ART
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B already The ART (Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit) was presented in China in mid-2017 and has been tested in Zhuzhou City in the central Chinese province of Hunan since 2018. Now the manufacturer of the tram, which does not need rails, seems to have found its first major customer outside of China. Qatar is currently testing the tram in view of the soccer World Cup, which will take place in the emirate in 2022. If the tests are successful, they should form the backbone of the local public transport that is needed for everything to do with the sporting event.

Autonomous and electric

In the 30-meter-long train made up of three wagons there is space for up to 300 passengers. A five-part version should be able to accommodate 500 passengers accordingly. It rolls on rubber tires and is electrically powered, with the batteries guaranteeing a range of 40 kilometers. CRRC Zhuzhou specifies a maximum speed of 70 km /h.

CRRC Zhuzhou
Actually, the ART should move autonomously and the driver should only intervene in an emergency.

People are still sitting in the driver's cab, but they should only monitor the ART and intervene in an emergency. The tram drives autonomously. The sensors installed for this measure the dimensions of the road on the one hand, but are mainly based on the lines specially drawn on the road for the ART.

80% cheaper than a conventional tram system

Compared to a conventional tram system, the rail-less tram should lead to cost savings of around 80 percent. Instead of laboriously laying rails, all that is required is to paint the orientation lines on the asphalt. Logically, with the ART, CRRC Zhuzhou is targeting small and medium-sized cities that cannot afford a subway or tram system or do not want to wait.until this is built.


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