Climate ticket Austria: 1,095 euros farewell to the car

The climate ticket has been valid in Austria since October 26, 2021. For 1,095 euros you can use all buses and trains in Austria for a year. Our neighbors want to make it easier to say goodbye to their own car.

Austria is stepping on the gas with the ecological traffic turnaround. Since October 26th (national holiday in Austria) the new climate ticket is valid. For 1,095 euros, ticket holders can use all buses, trams and regional and national rail transport in our neighboring country for a year. If you buy the climate ticket by October 31st, you can even look forward to the special price of 949 euros.

Goal: 100,000 climate tickets per year

Discounts are also available for other user groups. For people up to the age of 25 and from 64 years as well as for people with disabilities, the climate ticket costs 821 euros, for early bookers 699 euros. For a family surcharge of 110 euros, up to four children between the ages of six and 15 can be taken along. As before, children up to the age of five travel free of charge on Austrian public transport. The climate ticket can also be provided by the employer as a job ticket. According to the Austrian media, more than 70,000 climate tickets were already sold in advance. The government's self-imposed goal is 100,000 climate tickets per year.

The climate ticket that has now been implemented falls short of the plans demanded by Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens). She wanted a tiered ticket that could be used for one, two, or all states. Critics of the climate ticket fear that the subsidies for the annual ticket could mean that investments in bus and train infrastructure will fall by the wayside.

Germany and Switzerland are more expensive

The climate ticket in Austria is roughly comparable to the German Bahncard 100. It costs 4,027 euros if you limit yourself to 2nd class. If you only want to travel first class, you will be asked to pay 6,812 euros. There are no discounts. However, the German railway network is significantly larger than that in Austria. There is also a similar offer in Switzerland. Here this annual ticket is called Generalabo and costs between 3,860 and 6,200 francs for adults (equivalent to around 3,600 to 5,800 euros). In addition, other discounted models are offered for various user groups.,


With the climate ticket, Austria is trying to dissuade commuters in particular from driving their own cars. The price of 1,095 euros is quite attractive. In Germany, too, such an offer could be an alternative to owning a car for many commuters.


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