Clima Guard flood protection for cars

What looks like an XXXL shopping bag from a Swedish furniture store is supposed to effectively protect cars from flood damage.

When it comes to packing things waterproof, plastic bags are often a tried and tested means. Unfortunately, there isn't always a bag to hand when you need one. Or, it's not the right size. Rahel Abraham from Texas also had this experience when a hurricane coming from the Gulf of Mexico flooded the mainland in August 2017. Abraham himself was able to escape to the top floor of her house, but her Infiniti G35 drowned in the floods and remained hidden underneath for days. The water retreated at some point, the Infiniti remained a total loss - along with hundreds of other cars.,

But there was also an idea of ​​how to protect cars from such damage. Abraham, who has degrees in chemistry and environmental engineering, set about developing gigantic ziplock bags that would also protect objects the size of a car from water damage.

Car floats in the bag

After months of testing, Abraham discovered a polyethylene film that was absolutely waterproof (water column: 90 cm), highly tear-resistant and yet light enough for their concept. As the icing on the cake, this film is made from recycled material. Using the Clima Guard is simple. The lower part of the bag, which is open on three sides, is laid out, then the car is driven onto it. The upper part is unfolded over the car. Both parts of the film are connected to each other with an all-round zip. Done.,

If the flood comes now, the car will float in the bag and thus remain protected from water damage. So that the car in the bag does not swim away with the tide, stable lashing eyes are attached all around, to which the bag can be fixed (assuming a stable anchor point). Robust and correspondingly long lashing ropes are included in the Clima Guard package.

When packed together, the complete Clima Guard bag is hardly larger than a large sports bag and weighs around 37 kilograms. Clima Guard is available directly in the USA in three sizes at prices between 399 and 479 dollars (equivalent to around 340 and 410 euros).,


The Clima Guard bag as flood protection for cars is a smart idea. If the water rises only slowly, the bag car should really be well protected. However, the miracle bag does not help against torrential floods like recently in the Ahr Valley. And don't forget to connect.


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