Citroën 19_19 Concept: 800 kilometers electric range?

Citroën 19_19 Concept
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D as At first glance, the Citroën 19_19 Concept is reminiscent of a small, wingless airplane. The glass capsule, which can accommodate up to four people, could have come from a helicopter. The driving experience should resemble a magic carpet, as the capsule hovers on four Super Tall & Narrow tires in the format 255/30 R30 with a diameter of 93 centimeters. In combination with the 3.10 meter long wheelbase, nothing should stand in the way of a comfortable journey including a perfect view of the outside world. Already known from Rolls-Royce: The fixed wheel hub, which always shows the anniversary logo 'Citroën Origins' in a horizontal position even when the vehicle is in motion.

The interior offers additional travel comfort through a widened elbow and shoulder area. As in a living room, there is a chaise longue on the passenger side with a cylindrical headrest and back reinforcement. Thanks to the head-up display, the driver always has an overview of all information - there is no conventional instrument cluster. On motorways or in traffic jams, the vehicle takes the wheel itself in autonomous mode. The sofa-style rear row of seats impresses above all with its hammock, which is located at head height and made of red, elastic drill fabric with a double-angle pattern. The passengers are enveloped in the vehicle interior like a cocoon.

In five seconds to 100 km /h3>
In this interior you can to travel. There is room for up to four people.

A blue, micro-perforated decorative element creates privacy in the rear. In other words, the rear passengers can go out, but nobody can look inside. At the front the glass surfaces are tinted gray so that the passengers in the first row can look out and at the same time can be seen halfway up. Black screens are installed in the front doors,which should be able, similar to a personal assistant, to recognize the driver and to welcome him. At the same time, they show, among other things, that the doors have been unlocked and locked. Voice control begins with 'Hello Citroën' and is based on a collaboration between Groupe PSA and the start-up SoundHound Inc. from Silicon Valley.

Full LED headlights ensure perfect illumination of the road. The upper line of light runs over the entire outer end of the upper part of the bonnet. The lower light line adorns the extreme end of the lower part of the front hood. The front hood itself is glazed and therefore transparent.

A 100 kWh battery is located in the underbody of the concept vehicle. The Citroën 19_19 Concept should break the 100 km /h mark within five seconds. It's over at 200 kilometers per hour. The power is 340 kilowatts and the maximum torque 800 Newton meters. Nevertheless, a range of 800 kilometers should be possible. And: the energy for 600 kilometers should be recharged in just 20 minutes. If the necessary infrastructure is available, inductive charging while driving is also possible.


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