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China plans standard for inductive charging of electric cars

Inductive charging of electric cars
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C hina also regulates standards for inductive charging of electric cars in order to promote their spread. Automobile manufacturers and suppliers develop their products in accordance with a standard specified by the state, which has now been published.

The US company WiTricity will also play a role in expanding inductive charging. The spin-off of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has been closely linked to CEPRI (China Electric Power Research Institute) for a long time and is involved in the standardization process.

Standardization provides planning security

Magnetic resonance technology the American claims to offer the same charging speed and efficiency as a connection with a plug. With the use of inductive charging points for electric cars, autonomously driving fleets and delivery vehicles could be charged quickly and easily.

Alex Gruzen, CEO of WiTricity, is pleased: 'The published standard shows car manufacturers and suppliers a clear path for them Implementation of inductive charging solutions. ' The company expects to play an important role in expanding the network in the world's largest car market.


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