CES 2022: REE Automotive shows the Leopard

The Israeli company REE Automotive is showing the Leopard at CES 2022, an autonomously driving and electrically powered van.

REE Automotive is showing the Leopard concept vehicle at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January 2022. The study of an electrically powered van uses the platform technology called REEboard by the Israeli start-up. The flexible architecture, in which wheel hub motors allow different lengths and widths of the chassis, celebrated its premiere back in 2020. Since then, REE Automotive has continued to develop the technology.

The Leopard is a small utility vehicle for transporting goods over the first and last mile. The concept envisages compact dimensions with a length of 2.90 to 3.50 meters and a width of 1.20 to 1.80 meters. Nevertheless, the platform should offer space for a 50 kWh battery. The electric drive has a peak output of 100 kW (136 hp). The Leopard should be able to shoulder loads of up to 7.5 cubic meters; its payload is given as 750 kilograms.

Turning circle of just 3.90 meters


The small turning circle of just 3.90 meters is interesting for inner-city traffic, for example as a parcel delivery vehicle in large residential complexes or narrow old town streets. It is made possible by the arrangement of all drive components and the steering directly on the wheel.

As a study being presented at the CES tech fair, the Leopard cannot do without autonomous driving functions. REE Automotive has no plans for its own series production. The concept vehicle is intended to demonstrate the platform and its advantages.


REE Automotive is showing the study of an electrically powered, autonomously driving van at CES 2022. It is designed for last mile deliveries.


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