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CES 2020: Renault and Otodo connect cars and smart homes

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D he French automobile manufacturer Renault is using the CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Show) to present the networking between cars and smart homes together with the startup Otodo.

Users should be able to freely choose which objects in the household they want using a smartphone app want to network. Then there are two scenarios to choose from: Leaving Home and Arriving Home.

If you leave the house with the car, which is part of the network, selected devices are deactivated or switched to standby. The light can be switched off automatically, the shutters can be closed or the heating can be set to a low power level. At the same time, the alarm system can be armed.

Control via voice control in the car

When you return, the system detects when the car is approaching the house at a predetermined distance. Then there is enough time to activate the heating or air conditioning automatically so that the comfortable temperature is reached on arrival. In addition, lights can be switched on and blackouts on the windows removed.

The voice control of the car can be used on the go to pass further commands to the smart home. This can be used, for example, to preheat the oven or even display an inventory list of the networked refrigerator.

Jean-Francois Labal, Head of Marketing & Partnership for Connected Cars & Services at Renault, says: “Cars must be part of our digital one Life. With this service, we offer our customers a completely secure system for networking their car and home. The easy-to-use interface has two advantages: it works completely automatically and saves energy if lamps and heating are only switched on when needed. ”

Otodo and Renault want the networked system to be on the Bring the market.


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