Car-to-X: Seat tests cars that speak to traffic lights

Field test by Seat in Barcelona
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W if you stick to the rules, you will be rewarded. At least when it comes to Seat and the city council of Barcelona. Together with the technology company ETRA, the car manufacturer and the authorities are testing networked vehicles in public traffic areas.

Current models from the Volkswagen Group that use MIB3 (third-generation modular infotainment kit) are Car-to-X compatible . The networked vehicles can communicate with various elements of the traffic infrastructure via mobile communications.

This also includes the connection of traffic lights with the cars on the road. The change to a red phase is transmitted from a networked traffic light to the cloud, from which the information is in turn transmitted to the vehicles. Corresponding information is shown in the display of the car. The driver can thus adapt a driving style, for example reduce the speed early on before an intersection and thus also save fuel or electricity.

Display of traffic light phases, speed limits and more

When you are approaches the intersection, the display in the car shows whether the traffic light will be red, yellow or green when it reaches its position. For safety reasons, this information should be hidden as soon as you drive at excessive speed. This should also contribute to the flow of traffic and more safety.

Not only traffic lights can pass on information via Car-to-X, but also gantries with changing speed limits or temporary information about construction sites, visual obstructions or traffic jams. In a first development step, the connected cars receive the relevant data, but should also be able to send it to the cloud themselves later. This means that the following traffic can be informed of the end of a traffic jam, for example. With the appropriate swarm intelligence, navigation systems already work with real-time traffic data.


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