Bosch Curved Display: The instrument cluster curves

Bosch Curved Display
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D that displays in the car no longer have to be flat, Bosch also shows a fully digital and curved instrument display. Its curve follows the natural curve of the eye. For example, the driver perceives indicator lights and warning signals much better in the edge area of ​​the display. In addition, the curved display takes up almost two centimeters less space than a non-curved screen of comparable size and thus allows vehicle manufacturers more freedom when designing the cockpit. Thanks to a special manufacturing process (bonding: the instrument display and glass cover are glued directly to one another), the curved screen should be virtually free from glare.

Over 30 cm screen diagonal

The curved screen has a diagonal of 12.3 inches (31 centimeters) and can be programmed quite freely thanks to an integrated control unit. The driver can use it to configure his or her favorite view almost without restriction. For example, they can choose between detailed information on the current journey, the navigation map, telephone contacts or details of the playlist that is currently being played. Each piece of information can either be displayed over the entire screen or combined with other content. So if you want to display the navigation road map and your phone list at the same time as the classic speedometer display, you can do this using the multifunction steering wheel or the infotainment system's touchscreen. Targeted zooming into the navigation map directly on the instrument cluster is also possible.

The curved cockpit screen in the Innovision cockpit of the new VW Touareg is being used for the first time.


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