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BMW over-the-air updates for iDrive OS 7 and 8 January 2023

BMW updates the software of cars equipped with iDrive OS 7 or 8. There are new functions for the digital key and remote-controlled parking, among other things.

At the beginning of the year, BMW is rolling out a software update for the 4.7 million cars with the iDrive Operating System (OS) 7 and 8. The update is free for customers and comes "over the air" (OTA); the vehicle does not have to go to the workshop for this.

A central innovation concerns the digital key, i.e. the vehicle key stored in the cell phone. This can now be shared between Apple iPhones and Android smartphones and can also be activated more easily in the car. Previously, a conventional vehicle key had to be in the interior; it is now sufficient to enter a code in the vehicle.

Remote-controlled parking

BMW is also introducing "Remote Control Parking" in certain countries and for individual model series. The function allows remote-controlled parking maneuvers via the My BMW app. Within a radius of six meters, customers can park their vehicle forwards or backwards, both lengthwise and crosswise, or have the maneuvers previously recorded in the vehicle carried out.

Speaking of parking: If you own a BMW iX (see video and slideshow), Active Tourer or X1 with the "Parking Assistant" option, you will automatically receive active steering assistance as part of the OTA update when reversing with a coupled trailer. Charging is also becoming more convenient, at least for drivers of an iX: the charging process can now be stopped via the My BMW app and the cable can be unlocked in this way.

Innovations for North America

Other innovations affect customers in North America. Here, the BMW X7 gets a new indicator graphic and users of the mobile phone provider AT&T can also use the personal eSIM integrated in vehicles with the iDrive OS8. This function integrates the car into the existing mobile phone contract, which means that calls can be made on board or streamed via the WiFi hotspot even though the phone is not in the vehicle.


BMW brings a software update for cars with the iDrive OS 7 and 8, which includes new functions for the Digital Key, remote parking for some models and other smaller digital and convenience functions. Updating is free and can be done "over the air".


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